Facilities for Students

Air- conditioned lecture rooms     

Unlimited Practical & Lab Facility     

Free Revision programs  

Mock examinations to ensure     readiness     

Our Strength

Biggest Lab for CISCO training in     Sri Lanka

Qualified panel of lectures with      intensive industry experience

State of the art, equipment as     per CISCO international     standard

CISCO recommended Course     Duration

The best student past rate     acknowledge by CISCO

Best study environment

Convenient location

Long standing institute

Assured completion of course        work

 About NuMatrix

NuMatrix delivers Cisco Training based on local market needs. The organization's core competencies in both training and internetworking, and its ability allow it to address the largest percentage of Cisco customers' local training needs.


The recommended courses for each career certification track are taught by NuMatrix, which has

undergone rigorous training and testing to meet Cisco's stringent requirements.


When you are trained by NuMatrix, you will receive the high quality instruction you'd expect from

Cisco Systems, the industry's networking innovator. Equally important, the product information will

come straight to you from Cisco, rather than from a secondhand, uncertified source. This ensures you'll receive the most up-to-date knowledge, reflecting the latest trends in the networking industry.

NuMatrix has in-depth knowledge of internetworking and of the local market and technical

internetworking needs. With a team of highly qualified and trained professionals in the field of

internetworking, NuMatrix is committed to maintain high quality and consistent course delivery.


We committed to train and support our technical resources as required by Cisco and Cisco's customers, aiming for "the same high quality courses, from USA to Sri Lanka". This assures that Cisco customer training will continue as the Bench Mark in the internetworking industry.


We ensure that the right training is available at the right place and at the right time and in addition sufficient quantity and excellent quality to allow Cisco Customers to successfully deploy various networking products.